• We are the professional manufacturer of commecial gym equipment.

  • We have a factory with over 30,000 square meters and we are the biggest manufacturer in Southern China.

  • We can supply the full set of gym equipment for you, and our supply is sufficient to guarantee thecustomers demand.

  • We can make OEM and customized order for different customers

  • We ship goods on time with good price and high quality.

  • We can supply best after-sales service for all the customers.



Alloy Pulley, Stack up to 4 high, 4 position risers, Powder coated aluminum frame, 4 position gear system, 4 position footbar, 8 spring system: 1*40KG(Blue), 2*10KG(Black), 3*3.6KG(Grey), 2*1.8KG(White), Non-slip Pad, Available in black upholstery, Two Pairs Straps (4 straps ), Two pairs Loops (4 loops), Dimension: 2529*701*646mm, Carriage Dimension: 1245*640mm, Headrest Dimension: 228*195mm, Footbar Length: 640mm

LMCC306 Personal Training

Machine have more than 20 functions with a pretty appearance:

Dual adjustable pulley, 180° Rotary,

Squat Rack, Adjustable speed ball training, Triceps parallel bars, Chin-ups

training, Climbing ladder, Gym ring, Wall rack training, Battle rope training, TRX training, Smith machine,

Chain crossfit training, Resistant band, 270° barbell training, Adjustable Funtional platform, High jumping,

Medicine ball, Bulgarian bag etc.

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