I now have long-term cooperation of the manufacturers, now do not need?

A: Sorry, disturbed. There is cooperation manufacturers do not matter, you can compare the quality and price, we are specialized in the production of fitness equipment manufacturers, products complete. If your company has new product development, you can also purchase some of my side to try

Will the delivery time be on time?

A: Our factory will be shipped on time, if there are special circumstances I will inform you in advance.

What is the main advantage of your company's products?

At present, our company’s products in terms of technology or quality and other aspects, close to the quality of the world’s first-line products, has reached the domestic first-class level, we are the best professional equipment manufacturers in southern China.

1. Product surface process We are using the most commonly used high-pressure sandblasting technology and double-layer spraying technology, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, not afraid of a slight collision, nor as the usual pickling The way very easy to fall off the whole block.

2. Pipe is made of GB 2.5-10mm thick steel production, the use of very safe.

3. Cushion using the most advanced international PU foam technology, good flexibility, wear resistance, anti-perspiration corrosion, eliminate germs breeding, long life, beautiful and generous. The

4. Products handle with high elasticity PU material, long life, will not be damaged, will not be sweat corrosion, feel good.

5. With the weight of the package with the plastic process, the noise is small.

6. Steel wire rope for the PU and nylon made of mixed, wear-resistant, wire can withstand 300KG weight will not be broken.

7. Products we can sometimes according to the requirements of customers to some of the appropriate product changes, and our after-sales service is also very perfect.

What is your product after-sales service? How long is the warranty period for the product? Some damaged parts, how much will you give?

Our after-sales service is perfect, fitness equipment product warranty for one year, commercial treadmill motor warranty period of five years. For the damaged parts we will be in accordance with the proportion of the machine presented, will send some wire rope, pulley and some foot pads and other wearing parts

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